Unique native experience
Finally managment with dark mode
Seamless translation and workflow.

Available for macOS Sonoma

Connect Studio is
ASC made for Developers

Take control of your apps managment streamline deployment with TestFlight, and revolutionize user experience through automated enhancements.


Simplify Your
App Store Management

Effortless Navigation

Seamlessly explore your app's data and settings with intuitive navigation.

Powerful Analytics

Gain insights with detailed performance metrics and real-time analytics.

Automated Tasks

Automate repetitive tasks to save time and streamline your app management workflow.

Native Experience

Deliver a seamless and intuitive user experience with native interface elements and interactions.

Easy Localization

Effortlessly adapt your app for global audiences with streamlined localization tools and processes.

ASO Optimizations

Boost visibility and downloads by optimizing presence in app stores with effective App Store Optimization (ASO) strategies.

Navigate with Ease

Effortlessly explore Connect Studio's interface. Whether you're accessing app data or tweaking settings, everything is just a tap away. Seamlessly move between sections and explore with ease. Simplify your app management journey with intuitive navigation – because finding what you need should always be a breeze!


Widget Wizardry

Unlock the potential of your app with Connect Studio's Widget Wizardry. Effortlessly integrate dynamic widgets into your user interface to provide real-time data and enhance user engagement. With intuitive analytics tracking, monitor widget performance and optimize user interaction for maximum impact. Elevate your app's user experience with the magic of Widget Wizardry.


Review Ramp-Up

Take control of your app's reputation with Connect Studio's Review Ramp-Up. Effortlessly manage user feedback from multiple platforms, consolidate reviews, and gain valuable insights into user sentiment. Utilize powerful analytics to identify trends, respond promptly to feedback, and cultivate a positive user experience. Enhance your app's credibility and boost user satisfaction with Review Ramp-Up.

Roadmap to
Mac App Store

Engage with our roadmap by prioritizing your favorite features and enhancements.

April (late)

Editing Capabilities
Introduce the ability to edit app data directly, allowing for seamless updates and adjustments.

May (early)

Analytics Data
Gain deeper insights into performance metrics through enhanced data visualization tools.

May (late)

Enhanced Management
Seamless translation and workflow enhancement through automations and templates.

ASC for Developers
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